About the Council

The mission of the Tucson Police-Community Advisory Council is to facilitate communication between the TPD and the communities it serves. The Council assists the TPD in soliciting public feedback on Department policies and priorities. It also works with Tucson residents to identify, prioritize, and address public safety issues or other on-going community concerns.

How Were Members Selected?

The Council currently has nine members. Members were chosen by a selection committee made up of representatives from each of the following organizations: 

  • Border Action Network
  • Pima County Public Defender
  • Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation
  • Tucson Chamber of Commerce
  • Tucson Indian Center
  • Tucson Urban League
  • YWCA Tucson

How is the Policing Project involved?

The Policing Project at New York University School of Law is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening relationships between police departments and the communities they serve. The Policing Project has worked with police departments and communities across the country to develop different models for involving community members in formulating policies and priorities for policing. In Tucson, the Policing Project will help staff the Council in its first years to ensure it has the resources it needs.